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Janitorial Supplies

Mops, Brooms, Squeegees, Paper Towels, Tissue, and more!


  • Quick change and Gate mop handles 

  • 60" poles

  • 24oz and 32oz mop heads available

  • Simple, fast-action levers

  • lightweight and comfortable replacement poles

  • Fiberglass or wood pole options

  • Wet mop, microfiber, and finishing mop heads available

Brooms and Fiberglass Poles:

  • Angled and Push brooms available

  • 48" or 60" fiberglass poles

  • Sold individually

  • Colored poles are ideal for prevention of cross contamination or food preparation

  •  Fiberglass poles available in various colors 

    • Blue, Green, Purple, Black, Red , Orange​

  • Sanitary and chemical-resistant polypropylene bristles  

Floor Squeegees:

  • ​Industrial and Colored floor squeegees

  • 24", 36", and 60" poles

  • Sold individually

  • Straight rubber squeegee- for general purpose use

  • Curved rubber squeegee- keeps water contained.

  • Foam squeegee- Deep clean and dries tiled and uneven surfaces

    • Rubber squeegee with rustproof plastic frame includes 60" fiberglass handle

  • FDA compliant

Paper Towels:

  • Multi-Fold, C-Fold, and Roll Towels in both white and kraft

Toilet Paper & Seat Covers:

  • Economy and Premium Toilet Paper in stock & Seat Covers

  • many styles available including Jumbo rolls 

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the products shown or about another product  you may be interested in! 

We are also capable of helping you customize any product you are interested in. Again, please call, email, or leave us your information in the 'Contact Us' tab so we can help you get started. 

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