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Looking For Paper Shopping Bags?

Prime Paper Online is here to meet all of your paper shopping bag needs!  Plain stock, custom printed - whatever your need may be, Prime Paper Online has the items you want in stock and at unbeatable prices.  Our custom printed paper shopping bags come in a variety of different paper densities, starting at 120 gsm (grams per square meter) and increasing in weight all the way up to 180 gsm.  Customization options for our paper shopping bags also extend to the color (both white and natural kraft are available) and look (choose a hi gloss or matte finish).  Whatever your preference may be, we have the specific bag you're looking for. 

We offer the finest and most up to date imprinting processes available to help you achieve your personal vision when it comes to creating custom merchandise.  Flexographic Ink; Foil Hot Stamp; Silkscreen, Heat Transfer - all of these processes are available to you, either on their own or in combination.  

We work with our customers to prevent hassles or delays when it comes to ordering custom paper bags.  Please be advised that there is a lead time (5-7 weeks for domestic bags, 9-12 weeks for imported bags) for ordering custom paper bags, as well as minimum quantities required for manufacturing.  There is also a printing plate charge for custom artwork depending on the number of colors and methods employed.  Our staff has years of experience when it comes to these facets of custom ordering, and we can help you with any and all questions. 

Browse our inventory at www.primepaper.com/paper-bags, and don't forget that Prime Paper Online is a one stop shopping destination, so make sure to check out our extensive assortment of cloth and plastic bags! 

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